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Superb professional from start to finish! Veeral is by far the best real estate professional my wife and I have ever come across and have had the pleasure of working with. As first home buyers in the Bay Area, we wanted to make sure to find the right real estate agent (and let me tell you, we are very picky). We are so happy and thankful that we met Veeral and he has successfully guided us to buying our very first home in San Jose. Here's what makes Veeral excellent: He is extremely knowledgeable. He knows his trade. He knows all the details about various neighborhoods in the Bay Area, especially in San Jose! He is very honest and transparent. He will not misguide or mislead you in any way. Every home we saw, he was honest about the quality of the school districts and the neighborhoods. He knew how important it was for us to invest in a good neighborhood for a long-term investment and he never steered us wrong. He is extremely responsive, kind and professional with every email, every call and every interaction. I admit, my wife and I are super Type A professionals. We asked a lot of questions and constantly communicated with him our thoughts, concerns and everything and each and every time, he not only responded right away but he was very reassuring and also explained the process thoroughly to help us move forward. Some of our friends have had an experience with their agents where once they went into contract, they didn't hear from them, but not with Veeral. He is with you every step of the way. He truly thinks of your success as his success and really is a big part of the whole journey. Thanks to Veeral, we learned to get the pre-approval to set the right budget that works for us and then worked our way to the finish line of buying the perfect place as our starter home. I have so many positive things to say about him which will make this review an essay. I will say this: With Veeral, you will enjoy and appreciate the tough but worthwhile journey of buying a home in this extremely competitive real estate market in the Bay Area. Veeral becomes your guiding light as you go from showings to showings and to getting your offer in and accepted, getting the loan and also reviewing all the disclosure forms and all the paperwork, which can be not only stressful but very overwhelming. He is by your side every step of the way.My wife and I didn't expect that we will come out of this home buying process with a true professional who we're now proud to call our friend. I highly recommend him. I can't wait to work with him again in the future and he will be the first one to call if our family and friends are in the market to sell or buy properties.


We worked with Samit for our recent home buy and sell transactions. The overall working experience with Samit was very pleasant and outcomes are beyond our expectations. I am happy to write a review and want other's to get the same pleasure and outcome of working with him. He made the whole process very easy and worry free for us. After I called him, within no time he started working on our case and put us in the right buying/selling mindset. Samit knows the evergreen and neighboring housing market the best. We saw quite a few homes and narrowed down our search. Many times as a buyer we don’t know what’s available in the market and what we should be looking for in our future home. He helped us narrow down our choices of locations, floor plans and prioritize on things we want to make our offer decisions strong. In the bay area, these days just offering higher price over asking is not enough. He has strong insights and knows how to make the transaction work in your favor. This is very important as it could cost you as a buyer more time, money and no home of your dreams. His communication is prompt, clear and crisp. He is very punctual to all the appointments and very cognizant of his clients time. He is very professional in all of his dealings. He doesn’t speculate and gives any nonsensical reasons. He works only based on facts and helps you navigate through all kind of difficult situations. He has lots of patience to deal with all kind of situations which is a must in the buy/sell process. He also doesn’t push you to make a decision. He emphasizes on taking time to make the right decision in the home selection process rather than buy a home only to regret later. We are very glad he steered us off our own impatience in home offers and selection, ultimately leading to our dream home. Thanks, Samit. On the sell side of our transaction, he advised on many ideas to fetch the best market price which was higher than our expectations. He helped us get the home renovations done and make it in move ready condition. I would suggest taking his advice on such preparations as the return is good for both buyers and sellers. He used the best marketing tools online and offline. On the sell side, right pricing and marketing are key. He is excellent with digital media, social network media and is in tune with the bay area’s high tech community. He personally drops flyers and hosts an open house and is very friendly and genuinely interested in helping potential buyers as well.

Srikanth & Saranya

Our Story: When we first started looking for a SF Bay Area home we were particular about many aspects of it (location, age, layout, etc). We have looked for a home for about a year before we found the house we could truly go for. We, being mountain lovers looked for houses on the eastern edge of bay area all along North-South mountain corridor from Hayward to Morgan Hill. After narrowing it down a little more to Fremont - San Jose range, we came across Santa Teresa area and specifically Basking Ridge community. We immediately fell in love with Santa Teresa area in general (due to its loads of greenery, hill views and of course its comparable affordability) and Basking Ridge community in particular (due to its age, build quality, ambience, proximity to highways and especially its location perfectly sandwiched between a green belt and a mountain range). In addition, we liked particular tranquil locations closer to the mountain side in this community. Samit/Sarika Review: This is when we came across one of Samit’s video advertising about Basking Ridge community. We immediately met him and his associate Sarika. They took us on and worked with both extreme professionalism and lots of patience. As you would have realized by reading our story that we had very specific choices. They worked with us for close to a year to find us the house that we felt right. They never showed over-zealousness or pushy characteristics, but always advised when appropriate. They together displayed the right amount of both professional and personal touch. Actually, an interesting story, they found us a home on the exact street of our first choice. I am not saying they are miracle workers. But I am saying they have a vast network, good understanding and respect for both the buyer and seller needs and preferences. In the current seller market with extremely low inventory, it is essential to find such right agents to close the deal properly without ending up rushing into anything due to desperation that can result in a buyer’s remorse. Thank you both Samit and Sarika. Wish you lots of luck and successful closes.


We worked with Sarika and Samit to buy our first home in the Cambrian neighborhood in San Jose. Sarika is very professional when it came to the business aspects of the transaction - evaluating homes and neighborhoods, getting appraisal estimates, working with the seller agents and going through the offer process. We got pretty reasonable cost estimates on the work needed on a house as well as for the expected appraisal values which helped us make go/no-go decisions as well as determine the right amount to make a good offer with. More importantly she is a genuinely warm and friendly person. She patiently worked through the initial phase where we were pretty indecisive about the location. I remember when we found a couple of "sensible" homes - decent location, within our price range - she clearly sensed that we are trying to make a logical choice and we don't really like the house. She told us at the time to not make a decision until we like, really like, a house - and if it takes long, she's gonna be with us. I truly appreciate her for this. Buying a first home to live in and raise a family, is an emotional decision too. She also helped us through the phase where we liked several houses, made several offers, only to see none of them getting accepted - by trying to improvise on situations at times (like making an offer in person), or just playing the cheerleader role at others. It's this humane aspect that was the best part of working with Sarika and Samit.


We all know Bay Area is a tough market for home buyers. Getting a good agent is key to finding a good home. We were lucky to have Veeral as our agent. Veeral took the initiative to short list homes that we may like, introduced us to booming areas that we hadn't considered earlier in our search and tagged along for quite a few open houses with us. After bidding for a few properties we realized that the competitive market does not suit our financial situation. But Veeral turned things around with a stroke of magic. He took the initiative to contact home owners and agents in the area we were looking and found us a home off market. I'm pretty sure we would still be searching for a home three months later without luck if this had not happened. It was easy to interact with Veeral all through the process. He never pushed us into a decision and always weighed in with valuable inputs. I still take his help and advice on home repairs and contractors. I would highly recommend Veeral.


My wife and I are very happy in partnering with Samit in selling our property in Basking Ridge. Samit is an area expert and knows the market very well. Samit advised us is the right time and suggested market value listing price. Samit and his team were amazing. From general contractor, cleaners, stager, photographer, and to internet marketing; everyone was on time and spot on. In this buyers market and real estate inventory is high, our property stood out from the rest. We were only 7 days in the maket and one weekend of open house when we accepted an offer above the asking price. Samit is an expert in negotiating and we trust him. I admit, this whole selling experience had its challenges, but my wife and I are happy with the result. We were in good hands with Samit. I suggest to interview a few real state agents, You will know the difference between agents after you meet with Samit. I highly recommend Samit and his team when you are ready to take the next step.


We are thrilled to have Samit Shah as our Realtor when selling our home. Samit is attentive to detail and very easy to work with. Super responsive as if you are his only client! Friendly and professional. He responded very quickly to every email, text and phone call, gave us great advice, and got us a solid offer in just a few days. Samit works very hard for his clients and best of all, gets results! Samit was able to get our home sold in a timely manner. Samit is very knowledgeable and made this experience easy and stress free. We will be telling all of our friends and family about Samit Shah. We were incredibly impressed with Samit's goal oriented action. He obtained an offer over asking price on our house within DAYS of listing. Samit was a pleasure to have as our real estate agent.


We are very happy in choosing Samit and Veeral in selling our house in Evergreen. First, they are area experts and know the market very well. They advised when is the right time to sell and at the right listing price. They made sure our house is ready for the open house by having it cleaned and staged. Their internet marketing and network is extensive to let buying realtors know our house is in the market. They also had established a friendly relationship with other realtors in the area which is very important. There are no short cuts to the process and everything is done properly and professionally. Samit is an expert in negotiating and we trust what he brings to the table is the best offer at that time. When friends and neighbors ask about Samit, we highly recommend them.


We had an amazing experience selling our home with Samit. He made the whole process very seamless and simple. He was very transparent all the time. We got to know about Samit through our friends. When we had made up our mind, we have talked to him. With the last min request, he prepared him self very well and gave us a wonderful overview of the process. That is when we had decided to move forward with him. He was keeping us in loop on the market fluctuations, but never discouraged us to go below the listing price. He has a very different approach of listing the home, with great staging, drone videos etc. He never got us any offer that was below the asking price. Overall it was a very smooth and great experience. I highly recommend for any buying or selling needs.


Veeral had tricky clients to satisfy in us, because my husbandand I had very different concepts about a perfect house. He wanted a traditional, private ranch style home in a quiet neighborhood, while I wanted a more modern, sunny folk victorian home on a street with a row of other picture postcard victorians. Veeral expertly navigated us to the perfect blend of both. This is a ranch style home with a high walled backyard, but completely re-done with modern finishes and skylights that caters to my need for light and open spaces. Thank you for helping us settle on a home that perfectly fit our needs and budget, but I'll be watching Veeral till the day he delivers me one of those tall ceilinged beauties with a grand foyer stairway.

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